The Power of Surrender

Yielding is the most powerful move.

“massive action”
“go getter attitude”
The excitement conveyed by these “call to action” words that have the good intention of motivating us may give us an idea that it is not quite what it seems on the surface.

In my experience empowered action has very little, if anything at all, to do with what you do on the outside, much like discipline, it’s a mystery that reveals itself to us from the inside once we come to a critical mass point about a desired outcome — not yearned for, but desired.

That unveiling is like breaking the sound barrier or the gravitational pull, you can feel the resistance give in. Like when you gained enough momentum to manage to go flying out of the swing at the playground when you were a kid, in a similar way when our inner state reaches that point you discover that action it’s fueled not by force or effort, but by a power that flows from the inside. A power that is generated in the stillness of your being, which stillness is not the same as lacking motion.

However, to access the source of that power it is not as straightforward as “do or not do something” on the outside. The entrance, the access, the connection where we ‘plug in’ to the flow is inside of you.

This is the paradox: the outward massive action and grinding is actually effortless motion that is the result of inward stillness and focus. In other words, to grind one must ground.

It is said that “the kingdom of heaven is within you” and that the way to lay a claim to it is by violence and “only the violent claim it.”
That kind of violence is not intellectual, it’s “strength of emotion” — an inner power. You’ve most likely have experienced this already when you’ve felt determined towards something. It has the quality unwavering faith, yielding with abandon while in stillness, undisturbed by whatever may be transpiring in the world around you. This state for me is the embodiment of ‘zen’ that the universe in all its glory relates, recognizes and responds to: inwardly aware and outwardly successful.

Outside of this ‘zone,’ of this level of operation, all you get is tired.

We’re all different in some way, so is our path. Yield to yours and flow with it. Get to know it so you can trust it.

At every moment, plug in to your power first, then — by all means — DO!

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