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We Are One Interspiritual Seminary programs are both knowledge and experiential, grounded in sacred service to serve the spiritual needs and lives of others. The work done by anyone in spiritual care (ministers, spiritual counselors, spiritual guides, or teachers) is a sacred trust. Because of the great harm that can be done if that trust is violated or abused, we seek to ensure that our students, graduates, and faculty all adhere to the standards of ethical conduct that the public has a right to expect from anyone in a position of spiritual authority, or anyone in a helping profession. 

The following questions will help us to understand any possible past or current issues we need to be aware of in fully and honestly assessing your candidacy for this program. A “yes” answer will not automatically disqualify you from admission, but will open a necessary discussion to help us understand where you are in your process of self-understanding, growth, and readiness for service to others.

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This section should be completed prayerfully and carefully, which is why we do not require it in order to submit your application form.

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NOTE: In addition to your essay response, a creative response expressed through any art form is welcome.

We Are One Interspiritual Seminary understands art and creative expression to be connected and integral to personal revelation, spiritual, and social transformation. You are welcome and encouraged to attach examples of your creativity, as you wish (which will not be returned. Please send copies only!).


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Note: Only paid applications are processed. All Fee, Donations, and Contributions are Free Will Donations and are made to…The NoLimits Lifecode.